Equipment for Biotechnology, Life Sciences and Industries

TissueCulture Ventilated & Non-Ventilated Cabinets
Gelman TissueCulture enclosures are commonly used in the handling of cell cultures such as tissue staining, culture growth and virus harvesting. The enclosures are designed to reduce cross contamination during handling of cell cultures in the laboratory.

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Polymerase Chain Reaction Enclosures
Gelman PCR range of enclosures are widely used in polymerase chain reaction experiments for clinical and diagnostic works.The enclosures are designed to provide a high degree of personnel protection and to minimize cross-contamination of samples/experiments during PCR procedures.

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Thermo-Plus Precision Block Heating Systems
Gelman Thermo-Plus Precision Block Heating Systems have been designed to meet the needs for precise heating of samples in test tubes, microcentrifuge tubes, cuvettes, microplates, microscope slides and other small containers.

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Centrifuge Aerosols Containment Enclosures
It is widely recognised in laboratories that aerosols are released during centrifuging operations and that, if breakage or leakage occurs, personnel may be exposed to infectious materials. Any facility handling agents of known or potential hazard for man and animals should incorporate appropriate containment measures and equipment.

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Air Purification Systems
Bacteron Medical Air Purifiers
Bacteron HEPA-Filtered Air Purifiers

Water Purification Systems
Bacteron UV Water Purification Systems
Bacteron Membrane Water Purification Systems
Bacteron UV / Membrane Water Purification Systems