Request for Testing and Certification

All Gelman Laminar Flow Equipment and Systems are tested in the factory and further testing is recommended as follow:

  • On site, prior to use
  • After any electrical or mechanical maintenance
  • After filter replacement
  • After re-location
  • At least annually
  • In special circumstances, such as a significant change in the work programme or where unsafe cabinet operation is suspected.

All testing procedures are conducted using calibrated and approved apparatus. Laminar Airflow and Services, a division of Gelman, provides comprehensive on site maintenance, testing and certification services for Gelman and other brands of laminar flow workstations, safety cabinets, HEPA filter installation etc.

To request for a quote
You may contact your sales representative or dealer for any of our Testing & Certification services. You can also contact Gelman Customer Service Department or submit online and we will be glad to process your request directly as soon as possible.

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