Centrifuge Aerosols Containment Enclosures

Product Description

It is widely recognised in laboratories that aerosols are released during centrifuging operations and that, if breakage or leakage occurs, personnel may be exposed to infectious materials.
Any facility handling agents of known or potential hazard for man and animals should incorporate appropriate containment measures and equipment.
Gelman CE Series Aerosols Containment Centrifuge enclosures have been developed to meet the needs of laboratory centrifuging applications. Centrifuge caps can crack and loosen, tubes may break or leak. In such cases infectious fluids present on the outer rim will be spun off as an aerosol.
By placing centrifuges inside a CE enclosure, effective containment of any liberated aerosols is achieved. CE enclosures provide a reliable primary containment barrier by means of an inflow of room air via a fan and HEPA filter unit.

Gelman CE Series Aerosols Containment Centrifuge enclosures are self-contained mobile enclosures purpose-designed for housing centrifuges. CE MK I units are for benchtop applications. CE MK II units are for floor standing centrifuges. An ultra-quiet variable-speed fan maintains a constant flow of ambient (room) air into the enclosure. All air exhausted from the enclosure is HEPA filtered to remove all biological and particulate contaminants.
A clear access door provides unimpeded passage for centrifuges and enables personnel to view the centrifuging operation.

After the centrifuge has been placed into the enclosure and connected to the in-built power supply outlet, the access door is closed and the CE unit is switched on. In operating mode a constant flow of room air passes over the centrifuge and into the HEPA filter system.
Electrical interlocking of doors and controls does not allow the centrifuge to be started if the CE unit is not operating or if the access door is open.

Physical Data