VivaCare VAS Series Ventilated Animal Storage Systems For Vivarium And Laboratory Animal Protection


The breeding and holding of Specific Pathogen Free animals demands an environment which is free from contamination in the form of bacteria, viruses and parasites, known to be a significant factor in the incidence of infection in laboratory animal colonies. Immuno-suppressed animals such as nude mice must be kept in ultra-clean conditions.
Gelman VAS Series Ventilated Animal Storage Systems have been developed using the laminar flow principles to meet the needs of:

  1. Providing an environment free from airborne contamination in the form of bacteria, viruses and parasites, suitable for the breeding and holding of Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) or immuno-suppressed animals.
  2. Providing a controlled environment where airborne contaminants from the holding animals such as infected faeces, urine, fur, sawdust and aerosols are arrested and contained with no cross contamination between each cage or chamber.
  3. Providing an extremely cost-effective alternative to the construction of a dedicated room.

Gelman VAS Series Ventilated Animal Storage Systems are compact, self-contained and mobile laminar flow enclosures designed for single or double-sided storage to increase holding capacities and maximize laboratory space. Individual ventilated rack system with single or double-sided storage can be further interlinked in series to form a continuous row of rack system in a straight line or other configuration to meet the room design. Standard models VAS/ ISO 7- 98 and VAS/ ISO 7- 140 have double-sided storage, 7- tier with a holding capacity of 98 isolator cages and 140 isolator cages respectively. Other options available upon request.


HEPA-filtered laminar airflow creates a biologically-cleaned environment for animal protection in each isolator cage.
Airborne contaminants released within each cage are filtered by an exhaust HEPA filter before the air is discharged back to the laboratory.
Units incorporate separate fan/ HEPA filter systems to enable fine adjustments and air balancing for the laminar flow and exhaust air systems.
Ultra quiet fan draws in ambient air through a prefilter which removes gross particulates of 5 micron and larger. The prefiltered air is introduced to each isolator cage via a HEPA filter which arrests all particulate and biological matters down to 0.3 micron.
The ultra-clean air is introduced at a low velocity across the full length of each cage via the air inlet at the cage top. The gentle laminar and airflow pattern bathes the animals, greatly reduces the concentration of airborne contaminants and provides more efficient ventilation and drying, thus lowering the ammonia and carbon dioxide levels. A digital display monitor can be installed to measure the average in-cage temperature and humidity.
A direct drive exhaust centrifugal fan draws in the contaminated air from each isolator cage via the air outlet at the cage top. A 2-stage primary and HEPA filtration removes all biological and particulate matters down to 0.3 micron before discharging the air back to the laboratory. The contaminated air is drawn to the exhaust system with no exposure or cross contamination of other animals in the same holding unit. An exhaust transition adaptor complete with flexible duct for connection to the building exhaust system can be provided for total exhaust to the outside atmosphere.





Gelman VAS Series Individually Ventilated Animal Storage Systems are manufactured under a rigorous Total Quality Management in full compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and conform with the performance requirement of ISO 14644-1.