VivaCare Decontamination Misting Tunnels For Vivarium And Laboratory Animal Protection



  • superior design & styling
  • electrically interlocked system monitoring & controls
  • all Type 316 stainless steel housing & misting chamber constructionradiused & crevice-free misting chamber
  • Type 316 stainless steel misting nozzles & pipingquick & easy removal of nozzle screen strainers, spray tips & tip retainers for cleaning wide range of interchangeable spray tips & materials
  • chemical resistant polypropylene PP storage tank with quick disconnect fittings
  • 100% coverage of all product conveyed through the misting tunnel
  • compact & easy to install – readily transported through standard doorways and narrow corridors. Delivered fully assembled and ready to use
  • space savings – minimum laboratory space is occupied by the misting tunnel
  • reliability – careful attention to all components used in the misting tunnel guarantees years of trouble-free operation
  • versatility – can operate as a self-contained mobile unit or as an inter-room pass-through conveyor system
  • low maintenance requirements – the only regular maintenance to be undertaken by users are the normal cleaning of storage tank and occasional nozzles servicing


The Gelman VivaCare Decontamination Misting Tunnels are designed to provide consistent and complete decontamination of incoming
supplies by removing all contaminants present on their surfaces before they enter any clean or controlled facility.
The misting tunnels are commonly used in animal breeding and research animals laboratories to prevent bacteria, viruses and parasites which
are infectious to the animals from entering the clean facility. The units are also used in other laboratories, dental and medical offices, hospitals
and healthcare facilities.
All incoming supplies like animal cages, crates, bedding, feed, medications, instruments etc. are fed through the misting tunnel via a
motor-driven mesh conveyor system and received a 360° fine mist of sterilant providing complete decontamination in seconds.
The misting tunnel is compact, self-contained and mobile with heavy duty castors/brakes. The unit can also be installed in a receiving
room with inter-room pass-through conveyor system for off-loading of decontaminated supplies into an adjacent clean facility. A connecting door seals the wall opening and prevents contaminants from entering the clean facility when the misting tunnel is not in use.




Gelman VivaCare Decontamination Misting Tunnels are manufactured under a rigorous Total Quality Management in full compliance with ISO 9001:2015.