VivaCare Class II Type A2 Animal Procedure Stations For Vivarium And Laboratory Animal Protection



  • superior ergonomic design & styling
  • microprocessor-controlled diagnostic system with digital display & audible alarm
  • negative pressure double-wall housings for containment
  • all stainless steel work zone construction with radiused & crevice-free corners
  • spacious work zone interior
  • smooth & effortless sliding tempered glass window, closes completely
  • Class 100 air cleanliness work zone for absolute product protection
  • UNI-FLO LAF system for improved performance & cost savings
  • DYNA-FLO air barrier containment for maximum personnel & product protection
  • ZERO-LEAK airflow system for enhanced safety
  • reliability-proven design & performance
  • ultra-quiet,low vibration operation
  • low maintenance & operating costs


Gelman VivaCare Class II Type A2 Animal Procedure Stations are designed to provide a high degree of personnel, product and environment protection for conducting small animal research activities including cage changing, weighing, anesthesia delivery, surgical procedures and work with low to moderate risk biological agents that require Biosafety Level 1, 2 or 3 containment.

The VivaCare Class II Type A2 Animal Procedure Stations maintain a minimum average inflow velocity of 100 fpm through the work access opening.
An effective air barrier between the operator and the work zone, maintained by an inflow of room air into a full-width front grille in the work opening provides personnel and environment protection.
The barrier air blends with the contaminated work area air in a sump beneath the work surface and is partially recirculated back to the workarea through a supply HEPA filter on top of the work zone.
The recirculated air is HEPA-filtered to create a biological-clean work environment for product protection.
The remaining contaminated work area air is biologically-cleaned by an exhaust HEPA filter and an exclusive HMZD molecular carbon filter before being exhausted to the room from the top of the station.The carbon filter removes odours and gaseous contaminants present in the exhaust air, preventing their escape into the laboratory.
The VivaCare Class II Type A2 Animal Procedure Stations have all biologically contaminated ducts and plenums under negative pressure.
The GELMAN ZERO-LEAK airflow system ensures that all positive pressure zones are surrounded by negative pressure zones to contain potentially-hazardous aerosols.


Physical Data & Compliance

Gelman VivaCare Class II Type A2 Animal Procedure Stations are manufactured under a rigorous Total Quality Management in full compliance with ISO 9001:2008 and conform with the performance requirement of EN 12469.