VivaCare Infected Animal Containment Systems For Vivarium And Laboratory Animal Protection



  • superior design & styling
  • cost-effective alternative to construction of a special containment room
  • absolute containment of airborne contamination released from infected laboratory animals
  • personnel, environment and other laboratory animals protection
  • storage of different strains or types of animals within the same compartment
  • microprocessor-controlled diagnostic system with audible alarm
  • exclusive HMZD molecular carbon filters for superior performance and effective odours and gaseous contaminants removal
  • convertible design
    -can be converted to house different cage sizes without having to change or modify the unit
  • operational flexibility
    -can be operated in the ‘recirculatory’ or ‘ducted’ mode
  • versatility
    -can be operated as console unit or joined together to form continuous runs of ACU units
  • reliability-proven design & performance
  • ultra-quiet,low vibration operation


Infected animals pose significant risks for laboratory personnel and other laboratory animals. Applications involving the holding of infected animals create a need for controlled environments, where contaminants such as infected faeces, urine, fur, sawdust and aerosols are arrested and contained.
Gelman ACU Series Infected Animal Containment Systems have been developed to meet the needs of such applications and utilize a HEPA filter / fan system to extract air from cages which contain infected animals.
Gelman ACU Series Infected Animal Containment Systems protect personnel and other laboratory animals from contamination released by infected animals but do not protect animals from ambient contamination.
Gelman SPF Series Ventilated Animal Storage Systems should be used for applications involving the holding of Specific Pathogen Free ( SPF ) or immuno-suppressed animals.


Gelman ACU Series Infected Animal Containment Systems with microprocessor-controlled diagnostic system are compact, self-contained “100% exhaust” mobile enclosures which consist of a HEPA filter / fan module and a cage storage compartment with adjustable shelvings.
A direct drive centrifugal fan draws in ambient air over the animal cages and into a 2-stage filtration system via the small openings on the doors.
The inflow air is introduced across the full length of each cage in a horizontal airflow pattern.
This constant inflow of air over the cages effectively creates a containment to ensure that aerosols released from the compartment are contained to protect laboratory personnel and other laboratory animals from the hazards of airborne infection.
The contaminated air from the compartment is drawn in through an easily accessible prefilter to remove gross particulates of 5 micron and larger.
The prefiltered air is biologically-cleaned by a HEPA filter which removes all particulates and biological matters down to 0.3 micron.
An exclusive HMZD molecular carbon filter is installed to remove odours and gaseous contaminants present before the air is discharged into the laboratory.
An exhaust transition adaptor complete with flexible duct for connection to the building exhaust system can be provided for total exhaust to the outside atmosphere.
In normal operation, ambient air is drawn into the cage storage compartment through small openings on the doors. During loading, unloading and general animal care, only one door is opened at any one time to allow access. In this mode adequate air flow is maintained to ensure that aerosols released from the compartment are contained.


Microprocessor-controlled diagnostic system with digital display & audible alarm



Gelman SPF Series Class 100 Specific Pathogen Free Animal Containment Systems are manufactured with IOS 9001:2015.