Versaflow VSF Series Filtered Fume Enclosures



  • exclusive HMZD molecular carbon filters with security backup for superior performance and effective gaseous contaminants removal
  • superior ergonomic design & styling
  • microprocessor-controlled diagnostic system with digital display & audible alarm for fan failure & filter saturation check
  • smooth aerodynamic performance
  • advanced system-monitoring & controls
  • spacious work zone interior
  • smooth & effortless sliding tempered glass window,closes completely
  • wide filter selection for filtration of :
    -Organic solvents
    -Acid gases
    -Radioactive Iodine, Methyl Iodide
    -Ammonia, Amines
  • automatic pre-purging/post-purging functions
  • convertible design
  • fan failure audible/visual alarm systems
  • filter saturation check LED indicator
  • automatic pre-purging/post-purging functions
  • convertible design
    -can be converted to handle different chemicals without having to change or modify the unit
  • operational flexibility
    -can be operated in the ‘recirculatory’, ducted’ or in the combined ‘filtered/ducted’ mode
  • versatility
    -can be operated as console unit or joined together to form continuous runs of fume-containment rows
  • reliability-proven design & performance
  • ultra-quiet,low vibration operation
  • low maintenance & operating costs


Gelman Versaflow VSF Series Filtered Fume Enclosures with its exclusive dual-HMZD carbon exhaust filtration system are designed to provide a high degree of personnel and environment protection from odours or unsafe concentrations of chemicals, vapours and aerosols in the laboratories using the latest molecular filtration technology.
The Gelman Versaflow VSF Series filtered fume enclosures are suitable for handlings of large quantities of chemicals due to its high chemical
retention capacities and are ideal for use with large apparatus or laboratory equipment.
The Gelman Versaflow VSF Series filtered fume enclosures are extensively used in laboratories including clinical diagnostic testing, biological
and medical research, analytical chemistry, quality control, biotechnology, cosmetic, photographic as well as in the food, petrochemical,
pharmaceutical and electronic industries.
Enclosures are available with nominal work zone width of 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft or 6ft. A wide range of optional equipment enables enclosures to be configured to suit specific applications.


The Gelman Versaflow VSF Series filtered fume enclosures maintain an average inflow velocity of 100 fpm through the work access opening.
An effective air barrier between the operator and the work zone, maintained by an inward flow of room air into a full-width work access opening provides personnel and environment protection.
The barrier air blends with the contaminated work area air and is directed through an easily accessible prefilter on top of the work zone to trap large particles.
The prefiltered air passes through a dual-layered composite filter cells, comprising of main and security backup HMZD molecular carbon filters.
The main HMZD filters remove odours and toxic chemical contaminants released within the work zone and the air is totally exhausted to the laboratory or outside atmosphere after final filtration by secondary or security backup HMZD filters. The security backup filters provide a fail-safe measure to prevent any unfiltered gaseous contaminants from escaping in the event that the main filters failed or are saturated.
The Gelman Versaflow VSF Series filtered fume enclosures can be equipped with a main HMZD molecular carbon filter and a particulate HEPA filter to remove gases or vapours as well as to trap the particles generated from the fumes.


Physical Data & Compliance

Gelman Versaflow VSF Series Filtered Fume Enclosures are manufactured under a rigorous Total Quality Management in full compliance with ISO 9001:2008 and conform with the performance requirement of AS 2243.9.