Versaflow Self-Contained & Ducted DownDraft Tables


Gelman Versaflow VSF DownDraft Tables are designed to provide a high degree of personnel and environment protection from odours or unsafe concentrations of chemicals, vapours, fumes, particulates and other airborne hazards from chemical fume, pharmaceutical powder, laser surgery fume, epoxy for bone/dental prosthetics, anesthesia (eg. Isoflurane, Chloroform), solvent-based cleaning or rinsing, formaldehyde, epoxies and resins, plastic bonding and gluing, touch-up painting, melting plastics, acid etching, welding and cutting fumes etc.
The Gelman Versaflow VSF DownDraft Tables are extensively used in facilities including clinical diagnostic testing, fecal testing, urinalysis, biological and medical research, analytical chemistry, quality control, biotechnology, cosmetic, photographic as well as in the food, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, engineering and electronic industries.
Tables are available with nominal width of 3ft, 4ft, 5ft or 6ft and nominal depth of 30″ and 36″ respectively. A wide range of optional equipment enables the DownDraft Tables to be configured to suit specific applications.

The Gelman Versaflow VSF DownDraft Tables ensure that the operators are protected from airborne hazards and cross- contamination of facilities is kept to a minimum during operation.
The tables are modular in design and can be configured to meet specific applications in the size, volume of the down-ventilated air and the types of filtration required.
The Gelman Versaflow VSF DualDraft*** Tables are incorporated with a clear acrylic enclosure with perforations on both the work surface and rear baffle. The table provides enhanced airborne contaminants containment due to its downdraft and backdraft airflow design and is suitable for work that exceeds the optimum working height from the work surface.

The Gelman Versaflow VSF DownDraft Tables maintained an average vertical negative pressure air inflow velocity of 100 fpm through the perforations on the work surface.
All Gelman Versaflow VSF DownDraft Tables have effective air barrier between the operator and the work surface maintained by a continuous inflow of room air into the perforations on the entire work surface. The room and contaminated work area air are directed through a 2-stage Primary and Secondary prefilters located beneath the work surface to trap large particles.
The DualDraft*** Tables have the air barrier between the operator and the work zone maintained by a downdraft and backdraft velocity of room air into the perforations on the entire work surface and the rear baffle.
The Ducted* DownDraft Tables have prefiltered air totally exhausted to the outside atmosphere via ducting and into the facility exhaust system.
The Self-Contained** DownDraft and DualDraft*** Tables have prefiltered air passing through a selected Main filter eg. HEPA filter, Carbon filter etc and is exhausted into the facility. The tables can be connected to the facility exhaust system via ducting to totally discharged the exhaust air to the outside atmosphere without recirculation within the facility.
The Self-Contained DownDraft** and DualDraft*** Tables can be equipped with a combined high efficiency HEPA filter and a HMZD exhaust carbon to trap ultra-fine particles and to remove any gases or vapours generated during the operation.



Gelman Versaflow VSF DownDraft Tables are manufactured under a rigorous Total Quality Management in full compliance with ISO 9001:2015.