Thermo-Plus Precision Block Heating Systems



  • superior design & styling
  • all models available with LED display, digital temperature setting & functions indicators
  • exclusive THERMOFOIL HEATING SYSTEM for accurate & reliable thermal control
  • advanced PID microprocessor controls
  • efficient insulation for improved temperature control & uniformity
  • precision-engineered heating blocks for maximum thermal contact with sample tubes
  • choice of models with interchangeable heating blocks
  • wide selection of heating blocks to fit any sample tubes or plates
  • custom heating blocks available
  • reliability- proven design & performance
  • low maintenance & operation costs


Gelman Thermo-Plus Precision Block Heating Systems have been designed to meet the needs for precise heating of samples in test tubes, microcentrifuge tubes, cuvettes, microplates, microscope slides and other small containers.
The systems are extensively used in laboratories including clinical diagnostic testing, biological and medical research, analytical chemistry, quality control, biotechnology as well as in the food, petrolchemical and pharmaceutical industries.
Gelman Thermo-Plus Precision Block Heating Systems are available in 1 to 4-block capacity models with a selection of temperature and features for all laboratory needs. In applications where samples have to be transferred between two temperatures instantaneously, the Gelman Thermo-Plus-Link model should be selected.
The Thermo-Plus-Link systems provide hassle-free heating of samples, linking 2 or more blocks with independent digital temperature controls for greater convenience. Each system allows the blocks to be set at different temperatures. Absolute temperature control, stability and uniformity is maintained in each block. The system is economical, compact and takes up less space than 2 or more block heaters and is ideal for multiple users or applications.



Gelman Thermo-Plus Precision Block Heating Systems are manufactured under a rigorous Total Quality Management in full compliance with ISO 9001:2015.