Synerflow General Purpose Fume Hoods With Fiberglass-Reinforced Composite Panel Liners & Baffles


The Gelman Synerflow General Purpose Fume Hoods are designed to provide a high degree of personnel and environment protection when handling hazardous chemical and fume removal in the laboratory.
Embodying advanced system-monitoring and controls technology, excellent aerodynamic designs, enhanced airflows, ergonomics and styling, Gelman Synerflow General Purpose Fume Hoods are manufactured to the most exacting standards for safety and containment in a wide range of laboratory applications.
The fiberglass-reinforced composite panel liners and baffles used in the construction have very low water absorption characteristics, along with excellent resistance to flame and splash or spill of acids, weak bases and aliphatic hydrocarbons. The fiberglass-reinforced composite panels are flame resistant and self-extinguishing with flame-spread index less than 25 per ASTM E-84.
All fume hoods are factory-built, fully assembled and pre-plumbed with specific fittings and accessories for site installation and tie-ins.

The Gelman Synerflow General Purpose Fume Hoods maintain an average face velocity of 100 fpm through the sash opening.
An effective air barrier between the operator and the work chamber, maintained by an inward flow of room air into a full-width sash opening provides personnel and environment protection.
The barrier air blends with the odours and toxic chemical contaminants released within the work chamber and is totally exhausted to the outside atmosphere via a dedicated building exhaust system.
All Synerflow General Purpose Fume Hoods are fitted with a standard by-pass system which minimizes fluctuations in face velocity as the sash is raised or lowered. The by-pass is designed so that as the sash is fully raised, it is completely sealed off to provide optimum extraction through the sash opening for maximum containment. As the sash is closed, the air entering the fume hood through the sash, airfoil and by-pass openings is redistributed, eliminating high velocity air streams in the near closed sash position.

Microprocessor-controlled diagnostic system with digital display & audible alarm




Gelman Synerflow General Purpose Fume Hoods are manufactured under a rigorous Total Quality Management in full compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and conform with the performance requirement of ASHRAE 110-1995.