PharmaCare Laminar & Non-Laminar Flow Powder Containment Workstations for Pharmaceutical Industries



  • superior ergonomic design & styling
  • microprocessor-controlled diagnostic system with digital display & audible alarm
  • all stainless steel work zone construction with spill-retention lip
  • spacious work zone interior
  • extended work area height of 30″ available
  • Class 100 air cleanliness work zone for absolute product protection (for PCU LAF models only)
  • reliability-proven design & performance
  • ultra-quiet,low vibration operation
  • low maintenance & operating costs


The Gelman PharmaCare PCU Laminar & Non-Laminar Flow Powder Containment Workstations are self-contained enclosures and may be installed on a standard laboratory bench or on an optional support stand.
Personnel handling sources of powder in the enclosures are protected by a continuous inward airflow of ambient air which captures the powder in a two-stage filter system.

The Gelman PharmaCare PCU Series Non-Laminar Flow Workstations are designed to provide a high degree of personnel and environment protection from potentially hazardous process powder which are encountered in some laboratory and production facilities.  Many such applications demand that powder generated in routine processes are contained so as to provide a work environment which is free from particulate contamination.
A continuous flow of room air into the work zone sweeps powder generated during the work process away from the operator. The contaminated air is directed into a prefilter and HEPA filter before being exhausted to the room from the top of the enclosure.  Average inward air velocity through the work opening is maintained at > 0.5m/s.

The Gelman PharmaCare PCU Series Laminar Flow Workstations with vertical laminar flow should be specified for applications where personnel, product and environment protection is required.
The PharmaCare PCU Series Laminar Flow Powder Containment Workstations have contaminated air directed into a prefilter before being partially recirculated back to the work area.
The recirculated air is HEPA-filtered to create a biological-clean work environment for product protection.
The remaining prefiltered air is exhausted to the laboratory or outside atmosphere via a variable exhaust damper.


Microprocessor-controlled diagnostic system with digital display & audible alarm




Gelman PharmaCare PCU and PCU LAF Series Powder Containment Workstations are manufactured under a rigorous Total Quality Management in full compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and conform with the performance requirement of