OTS Series Class 100 Horizontal Laminar Flow Operating Theatre Systems



  • cost-effective and versatile alternatives to the construction of dedicated theatres
  • provide ultra-clean air with an air change rate of approximately 500 per hour compared with no more than 20 in conventional theatres
  • modular design and construction which can be installed, commissioned and tested in a new or existing operating theatre within days
  • enclosures may be easily re-oriented or relocated to other theatres


Critical surgical procedures, such as orthopaedic cases involving the implantation of prosthetic devices, demand particular attention to measures which reduce the risk of post-operative infection.  A major cause of post-operative infection is airborne contamination which can be divided into two categories, viz :

  1. Introduced contamination which enters the theatre via the air supply system or by other means.
  2. Internally-generated contamination due to  respiration and shedding from the surgical team and their activities.

Laminar flow ultra-clean air systems can be a significant factor in reducing infection levels in such cases.


Gelman OTS Series horizontal laminar flow operating theatre systems control contamination from both of these sources by means of a constant flow of ultra-clean air through a modular enclosure placed around the theatre table.
Each system is composed of laminar flow modules which are self-contained filter/ fan units that recirculate air within the theatre and are independent of the theatre air supply system.  All air entering the enclosure passes through a two-stage air filtration system of primary filters and final HEPA filters.  The constant flow of ultra-clean air over the wound site sweeps away internally-generated contamination.
When operated at the recommended airflow velocity of 0.4m/s +20%, the Gelman OTS Series theatre systems produce a horizontal flow of ultra-clean air which exceeds the cleanliness level of Class 100 in accordance with AS 1386.1 and with an air change rate within the enclosure of approximately 500 per hour compared with no more than 20 in conventional theatres.



Gelman OTS Series Horizontal Laminar Flow Operating Theatre Systems are manufactured under a rigorous Total Quality Management in full compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and conform with the performance requirement of AS 2251.