LabGuard Multi-Hazard Filtered Glove Boxes




  • superior ergonomic design & styling
  • microprocessor-controlled diagnostic system
  • stainless steel gas-tight main chamber construction with radiused & crevice-free corners
  • spacious main chamber interior
  • smooth opening/closing pneumatically controlled viewing window with air-tight neoprene gaskets
  • large diameter glove ports ergonomically located for greater operator arms movement
  • sliding chamber tray for easy access & transfer of product
  • ISO Class 5 air cleanliness main chamber for product protection
  • reliability-proven design & performance
  • ultra-quiet,low vibration operation
  • excellent stability for analytical balance


Gelman LabGuard Multi-Hazard Filtered Glove Boxes are designed to provide a high degree of personnel and product protection from potentially hazardous airborne particulates, powders and biological materials.
The Multi-Hazard Filtered Glove Boxes are widely used in pharmaceutical research, nanotechnology, biochemistry, microbiology and work involving low-level radiochemicals, chemical carcinogens, asbestos etc.

The LabGuard Multi-Hazard Filtered Glove Box offers a contained, negative pressure main chamber to prevent migration of hazardous contaminants to the environment. HEPA-filtered airflow within the main chamber minimizes cross-contamination across the main chamber.
An effective physical barrier between the operator and the main chamber is maintained by an air-tight, neoprene gasketed viewing window.
The main chamber is maintained at a negative pressure to the room.
Operations in the glove box are carried out through rubber gloves attached to large diameter glove ports, ergonomically located for greater arms movement.
The viewing window with the glove ports attached, is hinged along the top and may be fully opened for cleaning, loading and unloading of laboratory equipment.
The transfer chamber is equipped with an external door to the outside and an inter-chamber door to the main chamber. The inter-chamber door allows operators to introduce or remove product from the main chamber.
The HEPA filtered inlet air blends with the contaminated main chamber air and is discharged to the laboratory or outside
atmosphere via an exhaust outlet HEPA filter. An optional molecular carbon filter may be installed for the removal of aerosols, vapours or any gaseous contaminants released within the main chamber.
Pressure gauge on the main chamber provides instant monitoring of the pressure differential between the controlled main chamber and the atmosphere.


Microprocessor-controlled diagnostic system with digital display & audible alarm




*Total width after assembly of transfer chambers

Gelman LabGuard Multi Hazard Filtered Glove Boxes are manufactured under a rigorous Total Quality Management in full compliance with ISO 9001:2008 and and conform with the performance requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 10648-2 (Leak-Tightness Test).