InVitroFertilization IVF Series Laminar Flow Workstations



  • superior ergonomic design & styling
  • all stainless steel work zone construction with radiused & crevice-free corners
  • spacious work zone interior
  • THERMOFOIL HEATING SYSTEM for accurate & reliable thermal control of the worktop
  • advanced PID microprocessor controls
  • microprocessor-controlled diagnostic system with digital display & audible alarm
  • hourmeter, delayed-automatic-off & event timers
  • ISO Class 5 (Class 100) air cleanliness work zone for absolute product protection
  • double-sided operation models available
  • reliability-proven design & performance


Gelman Class 100 IVF Series Laminar Flow Workstations are designed to provide a high degree of product protection and are widely used by scientists and researchers specializing in critical InVitro-Fertilization research programmes. Typical applications include oocytes collection, culture of oocytes, treatment of sperm, embryos handling, aseptic dispensing, media pouring and sterility testing.

The Gelman Class 100 IVF Series Laminar Flow Workstations produce vertical laminar airflow, free from particulate and biological contaminants over a stainless steel worktop warmed and maintained at a constant temperature of 37°C ±0.4°C to prevent heat loss from the contents of the culture dishes and the media.
Gelman IVF Series Horizontal Laminar Flow Workstations should bespecified for applications where horizontal laminar airflow are required.
Ambient air is drawn in through a prefilter on top of the workstation and introduced to the work zone through a HEPA filter. The average air velocity in the work area is maintained between 0.45 and 0.5m/s with all velocity readings within ±20% of their average. Air cleanliness within the work zone is better than Class 3.5 (100) in accordance with the Australian Standard AS1386.1.
The stainless steel worktop is incorporated with an exclusive THERMOFOIL Heating System and an advanced PID (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) microprocessor controls. The PID controls with over-temperature cut-out provision enable instant start-up of the heating system, provide precise temperature with high stability and prevent overheating of specimens.
Aluminium warming blocks are used to protect the specimens against dramatic temperature drop. The blocks are warmed by a plate warming system and are designed to flush with the worktop to minimize turbulence and prevent accumulation of particulates within the clean work zone.
Microscope may be incorporated with its stage, transmitted light stand and regulating transformer being placed underneath the heated worktop. A glass stage warmer may be placed over the built-in microscope and flushed with the worktop.


Microprocessor-controlled diagnostic system with digital display & audible alarm




Gelman Class 100 InVitroFertilization Series Laminar Flow Workstations are manufactured under a rigorous Total Quality Management in full compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and conform with the performance requirements of AS 1386.5 and
ISO 14644-1:2015.