Patient-Care Positive Pressure Laminar FLow Hospital Over-Bed Enclosures



  • enable Class 100 air cleanliness to be provided for protection of individual hospital patient
  • cost-effective and versatile alternatives to the construction of dedicated rooms
  • modular design and construction which can be installed in 1 – 2 days
  • may be placed singly or in multiples to create an extended over-bed enclosure
  • may be easily re-oriented or relocated to other hospital beds or rooms


Gelman Patient-Care Series hospital over-bed units have been developed to provide an economical and effective means of achieving a Class 100 air cleanliness enclosures to protect hospital patients from infection by airborne bacteria such as in critical infection risk surgery, treatment of burns, bone marrow transplant and intensive care.
The over-bed units employing positive pressure laminar flow are effective of providing air with virtually no bacterial contaminants to the surface of susceptible patients.

Patient-Care Series hospital over-bed units provide a vertical downward laminar airflow free from airborne contamination. When placed on special floor support stands or suspended from ceiling frames, and fitted with vinyl curtains, they form an enclosure with an air cleanliness level of better than Class 100 in accordance with AS 1386.1.
Motor blowers draw in ambient air through prefilters which remove all particulates 5 micron and larger.  The prefiltered air is introduced to the laminar flow enclosure via final HEPA filters in the underside of the unit.  The average air flow velocity within the enclosure is maintained at 0.35 m/s with uniformity of ±20%.  Alternative air velocity levels for specific applications are readily achievable.

Physical Data